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Advert Preparation - Writing a Job Advert

What is the different between a job description and a job advert ?  The two documents are vastly different in terms of their function and how they are written.

A job description is an internal document outlining the full frame work of the role, what the role is, who the role reports to, the role responsibilities, the required attributes / qualifications / experience of the candidate, salary band, hours, location. Its long and laborious to read.

A job advert is an external document used for recruiting efforts, its about marketing the company and the role to entice people to apply, making it sound inviting, setting the tone for what role, team and culture the new recruit may get to join. Get the tone of the advert correct and you will attract the right level of candidate for your role.

Advert Preparation by Equine Careers £49

Writing an enticing job advert is not easy, Equine Careers can help - simply provide us with the job description and relevant details and we will transform it into an appealing job advert ready for publication.

The importance of a correctly written job advert